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Welcome to AiWover, where we’re redefining baby monitoring with advanced AI technology providing safety and comprehensive analysis. Our cloud-based system categorizes your baby’s poses and actions, giving you a deeper understanding of their motor function. In addition to ensuring your child’s safety, AiWover goes a step further by offering smart alerts and concise summaries for both parents and healthcare professionals, all without any extra costs. Welcome to the future of baby monitoring, dedicated to your child’s safety and well-being.

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AI-Guided Monitoring

A cloud-based baby monitoring system that employs artificial intelligence to track your baby’s every movement, ensuring their safety and development.

Pose and Posture Categorization

Categorizes your baby’s poses and postures, helping parents understand how their child is positioned and what activities they’re engaged in.

Reliable Motor Function Analysis

offers reliable motor function analysis, allowing parents to monitor their baby’s physical development with confidence.

Smart Monitoring and Alerts

goes beyond traditional monitoring systems by using advanced AI algorithms to interpret data and provide user-friendly alerts and summaries for parents, pediatricians, and specialists.

Track and monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns with our app.

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